Friday Lunches

Good Shepherd Church enjoys a long-standing partnership with the Mulitcultural Institute of Berkeley to help further the mission of feeding the hungry on our streets, particularly those of the migrant worker community in West Berkeley. The lunches, which are run by MI with the help of volunteers from Good Shepherd and the community, operate out of the parish hall of Good Shepherd to offer hot lunches every Friday. Serving 80-100 people each week, the hot lunches are prepared using food from the Alameda County Food Bank and Good Shepherd’s organic garden.

In addition to lunch, the Institute also offers trainings, workshops, and English as a Second Language classes for those who are interested, as well as a Summer Writing Workshop for children of day laborers. For information about volunteering, please contact the church at 510.549.1433.


Friday Lunches — 1 Comment

  1. I am a 3rd year student at School For Deacons. In my social ministries class we are asked to visit a ministry that we have not been involved in. I would like to visit you this Friday September 7 for your weekly lunch program to observe what you do, help as needed, and engage in conversation with the volunteers and those who you serve. Thanks and God bless. Gregory

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