Who We Are

We are progressive

581088_10151015765262584_107209872_nWe’re a progressive congregation within the Episcopal Church in the United States (ECUSA), which belongs to the worldwide Anglican Communion. We’re a small but diverse group with a wide range of experiences, backgrounds and perspectives. We understand our diversity as a particular gift of God’s grace to us. We seek to welcome the gifts each of us brings to our congregation, and we seek gifts from those who visit us and who may wish to join us.

What is progressive Christianity?

We are Episcopalian and Anglican

We are people who take Christian faith74935_10151217207927584_658478244_n seriously, but not in dogmatic or authoritarian ways. We think that mature faith is distinguished by its openness to questions and its willingness to grow in understanding.

In our life together we seek to retrieve the rich resources of Christian traditions for our worship and for living the Christian life. We also wish to expand the images and texts we use in our worship to reflect our growing understanding of God and God’s presence among us.

So, while we rely on the most recent version of the American Book of Common Prayer (1979) to guide us, we also draw on other sources for our liturgical life, including our own communal theological reflection. We take care to craft our liturgies with gender-inclusive language and to stress God’s unconditional love for all people, as well as the responsibility this entails for us to work for social justice and to treat every human person with dignity and respect.

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